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Storing Cubes

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Storing Cubes

You will need the following equipment –

1. Brush and mould oil

2. Curing tank

3. Damp cloth and plastic sheet

4. Rubber Mallet

5. Max/Min thermometer

6. Pen

7. Sampling/cube/storage certs

8. Spanner

The cubes should be taken from the moulds the day after making , numbered and put in a curing tank.

Step 1

 · Record the maximum/minimum overnight storage temperatures on

    the Certificate 

Step 2

· Slacken all nuts

Step 3

· Part the sides of the Mould, tapping gently with a Rubber Mallet

· Lift off carefully

· Remember, Cubes are easily damaged unless handled carefully

Step 4

· Mark each Cube with its identification number on two of its cast   sides

Step 5

· Place the Cubes in the Curing Tank

· Clean and reassemble the Moulds

Step 6

· Check that the water temperature is controlled at 20oC +/- 2oC

   and the cubes are covered by water

· Make sure the power supply is not switched off day or night

· Check the temperature range daily using the Maximum/Minimum


· Keep a record of the readings

Step 7

· For despatch to a test laboratory, wrap the wet cube in damp cloths,

· then plastic bags and pack in trays

· Attach the sampling, testing, cube making and storage certificates to the package