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Spreading Table

By July 14, 2021March 9th, 2022No Comments

You will need the following equipment –

1. 700mm rule

2. Buckets or wheelbarrow

3. Cloth

4. Flow/Spreading table

5. Hardwood tamping bar

6. Mixing tray

7. Flow mould

8. Sampling scoop

9. Sampling and testing certs

10. Small scoop

11. Square mouthed shovel

First find a suitable location for the flow table it must be placed on a firm flat surface

It may be necessary to prepare an area for the table.

Step 1

· Empty the sampling buckets on to the mixing tray

· Scrape each bucket clean

Step 2

· Thoroughly remix the sample shovelling into a heap

· Turn the heap over to form another

· Do this three times

Step 3

· Flatten the final heap by repeatedly digging in the shovel vertically

· Lift the shovel clear each time

· If the alternative method of sampling has been used, divide this heap into two and test each part

Step 4

· Ensure the mould and table are clean and damp

· Place the mould on the centre of the table and stand on the foot pieces

· Fill the mould in two layers, tamping each layer ten times with the tamping bar

· Use the tamping bar to strike the concrete level with the top of the mould

Step 5

· Carefully clean off spillage from around the mould and table top

Step 6

· Carefully lift the mould straight up and clear to a count of between

  3 and 6 seconds    

Step 7

· Carefully stand on the toe board at the front of the table   

Step 8

· Slowly lift the table top by the handle until it reaches the upper stop

· Allow the table to fall freely

· Repeat this cycle to give a total of 15 drops

· Each cycle should take about 4 seconds

Step 9

· Measure the largest dimension of the concrete spread in two  directions parallel to the table edges

· Record the two diameters to the nearest 5mm

· Complete the sampling and testing certificates