At Capco our Ball Mill Suppliers service provide operators with a wide choice. The range includes both small laboratory units to handle single containers as well as multi-tiered units capable of accommodating milling containers up to 35 litres nominal capacity. All models can be supplied with variable speed control and, with the exception of Model 9, with flameproof drive units for use in hazardous areas.
Unless otherwise specified all models are fitted with an electrically interlocked
roller guard to prevent access to the rollers whilst the mill is in operation.
Accessories for use with the mills include various types of grinding media,
screens, pourers, and tipping stands for straining the contents from the mill

This equipment is a useful complement to any ball milling operation where
several samples may be being processed at any one time. The porcelain pots
are made from industrial porcelain having an alumina content of approx. 50%
and have excellent acid and corrosion resisting properties. The pots are fitted
with flat ground tops and lids. The steel pots are of a welded construction with
lid and locking clamps similar to those fitted to the porcelain pots.


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