The wash tank aids users  washing  sieves without having to hold them as well as stopping sediment from entering the sewage system.

The main features are –

  • Stainless Steel – this makes the tank hardwearing and it won’t rust.
  • Fitted Baffles – this is to stop sediment entering the main sewage system.
  • Spray Arm – also made from stainless steel and features a spring action gooseneck and turn ceramic cartridge to prevent leakage.
  • Supported hole – the hole is reinforced on the mesh to allowed for a potentially heavy sieve. These can be change depending on the size sieve you are washing.
  • Mesh top – after washing, the sieve can be then left on the mesh to drip dry.
  • Built in splash back – this stops any water escaping from the tank and keeps the area dry.
  • Optional Recirculation pump – this allows the tank to be used when in an area with no mains plumbing.

The tanks are manufactured on an order by order basis to suit the customer needs and workspace. We are also able to manufacture multiple station wash tanks.