The System consists of an electrically driven cocoa breaker that cracks the whole bean – raw or roasted – and pneumatic air-flow winnower that separates the broken shells from the nibs. Both units are compact and lightweight for use on a workbench or in the laboratory.

Used alongside the COCOABREAKER , they can achieve results in a few minutes compared with the labour intensive hand cutting method that can take up to 30 minutes. Not only is the system much faster, but it gives
consistent results time after time. Any size of sample can be treated from a few beans to a small batch run.

In operation, the broken mixture is fed carefully into the Winnower, where an adjustable air current seperates the broken shell from the nib. The closed circut construction of the winnower means that there is no need to make provision for exhaust air. The two seperated products are delivered gently below the outlet spouts. Any necessary cleaning is easily carried out. Fan motor is fitted with seperate cooling fan to allow continuous use.

Electrics: 240volt, 1 phase, 50Hz, 12 Watt

Approx thoughput 7kg per hour

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 500 cm