A Ball Milling Machine is designed and used to rotate our Ball Mill Jars. The overall result is to grind media into finer particals using our Jars and Charge sets. The Mill is supplied with a variable speed controller to allow the user to adjust the speed to suit the size of the pot. All models come with an electrically fitted interlock guard to stop the machine if the guard is opened, therefore avoiding any human injury. Please note that each model can hold varying size pots as well as varying quanities, if you are unsure about the model Ball Mill you need or would like to discuss a bespoke machine, please contact the Sales Team.

The Ball Mill Model 12 is designed for use with Ball Mill Jars of up to 2.5 Litres. It is a single tier machine with 3 rollers to allow two row of Jars to be loaded. The machine has a roller speed from 0-420RPM and can be adjusted by the speed controller. The technical spec is –

Motor: 180w
Electricity Supply*: 230v/1ph/50hz
Weight: 47kg
Height: 278mm
Depth: 376mm
Width: 988mm
Roll Length: 595mm
Guard: std
Pot Capacity (litre): 0.5-2.5
Roll Speed (rpm): 0-420
Tiers: 1
Rollers: 3
Adjustable rollers: In slots provided

All Ball Mill Jars, charge set and accessories can be found under the Ball Mill Accessories tab.

Additional information

Weight 56 kg
Dimensions 376 × 988 × 278 cm