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  • Measures both relative humidity and air temperature.
  • Displays %rh over the range of 0 to 100%rh with a resolution of 0.1 %rh
  • Temperature range of -20 to 70 °C with a resolution of 0.1 °C.
  • Incorporates a clear custom LCD with °C, %rh, max/min, hold and dew point indication.
  • Auto power-off facility turns the instrument off after 10 minutes non-use.
  • Four push buttons allowing the user to select on/off, °C/°F, max/min and mode functions.
  • Supplied with a remote sensor and integral PVC lead.
  • The Humidity Sensors housed in these products are susceptible to contamination from pollutants such as solvents and exposure to saturated air, it is expected that the sensor’s readings will drift by up to 0.5% per year.