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Heavy duty floor mounted sieve shaker fitted with a digital timer.

It is essential that the maximum sieving area is available at all times to allow particles to pass through the apertures. To provide this, the shaker uses two essential movements; gyratory and jolting, to spread the test material over the entire surface and breaking down any agglomerates in the powder, eventually clearing the sieve apertures. Previously known as the Pascall Inclyno Sieve Shaker, its double gyratory and jolting action is noted for the accuracy of the sieve analysis of powdered material.

The table of the Inclyno on which the sieves are clamped is always inclined to the axis of the machine. The table does not rotate but moves in a gyratory motion. This movement spreads the material over the entire surface area of the mesh of each sieve in turn. The movement is limited to the surface area of the mesh and the powder is not thrown high against the inner walls of the sieves.

At the same time the table of the Inclyno lifts and falls over a short distance at a frequency of approx. 300 jolts per minute, and the simultaneous action of both movements presents the particles of the test material at all possible angles and each particle is given the optimum chance of passing through the apertures of the sieve. All models are fitted with a quick release sieve clamping mechanism which securely locks the nest of sieves in place. The Inclyno is operated by a 180W motor and supplied complete with an electronic timer switch which allows the unit to be used over a pre-determined period from 0-99 minutes.

Powdered materials such as aggregates, carbides, chemicals, coal, diamonds, metal powders, minerals, pharmaceuticals, ores, pigments etc., invariably are supplied subject to whether or not the particle size is within a specified range or a permissible maximum or minimum tolerance in terms of percentage retained on or passing through a sieve or series of recognised international standards.


Available in Three models –

Model 100 mm or 3” 200 mm or 8” 300 mm or 12” 450 mm or 18”
Model 1 (SISHINC1) 15 12
Model 2 (SISHINC2) 14 7
Model 3 (SISHINC3) 14 7 5

A sound reducing cabinet is available, order product code SISHINCSOUND.


Electrics: 230 or 110v
Dimensions: 315x410x1118mm
Weight: 69kg