* Durable and rugged design
* Measure mode – Direct two-pin measure %WME
* Search mode – Non-invasive measuring – no pin marks left
* Detects moisture directly in materials
* Detects moisture below wall / floor coverings (tile, wood & vinyl)
* Dual Display LCD and LED
* Color changing LED’s to show moisture condition
* Reset reading for sensitivity adjustment
* Not adversely affected by surface moisture

The Surveymaster is ideal for assessing the moisture condition even under a sealed surface like vinyl/wood flooring and tiled walls. The readings are displayed digitally through the built-in LCD display and supported by a color-coded scale enables a simplified method to assess the moisture level at a glance – Dry, Borderline and Damp.

Measures moisture beneath the surface without drilling holes to a nominal depth of 0-20mm. Hold against the wall to allow a radio signal to penetrate the surface. This is the best method for assessing the moisture content beneath a tiled / covered surface.


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