A large robust Sample Splitter, this is a floor standing model of heavy gauge steel, with a baked painted finish. Suitable for material from 4″ down to sand sizes. The chute attachment accessory replaces one pan to permit direct loading of half of sample into a bag or container. Apparatus comes c/w 2 pans.
Hopper capacity – 28.3 litres
Chute slope – 45 degrees
Chute bar width – ½”
No of Bars – 48

Chute Width Number of chutes:
0.5″/12.7mm 48
1″/25.4mm 24
1.5″ 38.1mm 16
2″/51mm 12
3″/76mm 8
4″/102mm 6
6” 152mm 4

Dimensions: 737x483x990mm


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